green trees on mountain covered with fog

Rainfall in the Midst of Autumn

秋夜雨中 崔致远 (857-900) 秋风唯苦吟,举世少知音。 窗前三更雨,灯前万里心 Rainfall in the Midst of Autumn Choe Chiwon (857-900) Translated by Jonathan Chan in the autumn wind i chant alone. no one on earth knows my voice. before my windows it rains throughout the night. sitting before a lamp, my heart takes a thousand leaps. Choe Chi-won 崔致遠 (857-c. 920) was a Korean philosopher and poet of the late medieval … Continue reading Rainfall in the Midst of Autumn

Flying Tigers: U.S. and China

MATT KIRSCHNER reflects on Chinese-American relations from a historical and personal perspective. Liu Zhengde was seven years old when Japanese soldiers invaded his home in Wuhan, China in 1938. Leaving their belongings behind, Zhengde and his family fled Wuhan for Chongqing—the provisional wartime capital of China. Zhengde’s father worked to support his three children, wife, sister, brother, sister-in-law, mother, and aunt. Together they lived in … Continue reading Flying Tigers: U.S. and China

selective focus photography of pregnant woman holding bundle of leaves

An Analysis of US & Chinese Attitudes to Abortion

FIKAYO AKEREDOLU discusses the differences in US and Chinese cultural attitudes towards abortion. Almost two years into the spread of COVID-19, it is clear that the pandemic has disrupted global health systems. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reports that the fallout from the pandemic has potentially setback international health efforts, especially when sexual and reproductive health is considered. For women and child-bearing people worldwide, … Continue reading An Analysis of US & Chinese Attitudes to Abortion