• Mixed Prognosis

    Benjamin Shobert, founder of Rubicon Strategy Group, writes on healthcare FDI in China Every year across China over 10,000 doctors are assaulted either by a patient they are caring for, or a family member responsible for the…

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  • 2013 25 Under 25: Leaders in US-China Relations

    This magazine was founded with the belief that there is incredible room for exchange of ideas and knowledge between the future leaders of America and China. In this inaugural 25 Under 25 feature, we aim to highlight…

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  • A Maze and a Map

    A Maze and a Map

    Xiaoyu Xia and Sophia Ng reflect on contemporary Chinese literature. It was only a year ago that many Western readers for the first time cast a serious gaze eastward when Chinese writer Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize…

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  • Watch This Space

    Kyle Hutzler spends an afternoon at CCTV America. If one were to explore the upper reaches of the cable television universe between the hours of 7 and 9pm Eastern, they might be mistaken for thinking they had…

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  • Investing In The States

    Hannah Lindquist reports on the flow of Chinese investments among the states All politics is local, goes a popular American saying, but when it comes to Chinese investment in the United States, it is almost always national.…

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  • The Chinese Artist Abroad

    The Chinese Artist Abroad

    Savannah O’Leary on Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang The introduction of contemporary Chinese art into the Western art world in the 1990s brought with it controversial questions surrounding the concept of the Diaspora artist. The Chinese artist living…

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