Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood grew up in Yellowstone National Park. He grounded his undergraduate studies in Bennington College’s Public Action Program, which showed him that addressing climate change is imperative, but also fun. In 2012, the Nepali social entrepreneur Anil Chitrakar introduced Underwood to biogas infrastructure, which converts organic waste into clean energy and fertilizer. Upon graduating, Underwood won a Davis Projects for Peace Grant, moved to Kathmandu, and developed five urban biogas projects. Next, he founded a development company Ripe and went to China as a Fulbright scholar in Kunming. There, he researched the financial and institutional underpinnings of a project to convert seven universities’ food waste into fuel for public buses. His vision moving forward is to use biogas projects as a platform to introduce US firms’ abundance of financing and procurement expertise to Chinese firms’ appetite for mass deployment.

10 thoughts on “Ben Underwood

  1. Ben Underwood, Bravo for applying your intelligence and and your engaging personality in service of some exceptional work. Well done! Best wishes on future projects.

  2. Ben, I am greatly inspired by you, and your work. Though hard work and good ideas are not recognized or rewarded nearly often enough… sometimes they get it right! Congratulations to you for this most impressive salute!!

  3. I tell people about you and your project all the time. Continue to excel make a positive change to our world. Thank you.

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