China’s Innovation Challenge: Intellectual Property Rights Reform

EMILY LIN evaluates the success of recent reforms to China’s intellectual property rights regime and discusses future roadblocks to indigenous innovation. As China progressively shifts away from an export-based, growth-centric economic development model, indigenous innovation will play a critical role in determining the trajectory of growth in upcoming years. Initially, China’s growth has been spurred by low-value production of goods made for export, typically using … Continue reading China’s Innovation Challenge: Intellectual Property Rights Reform

China’s Start-Up Boom

LUWEI XIONG explains the start-up craze that has taken root in China’s internet services industry. Today, Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, launched its newest smartphone model, Mi Note 2. Founded six years ago in Beijing, Xiaomi now sits atop the Chinese cell phone market, competing with global companies like Apple and Samsung. Moreover, Xiaomi ranks number two after Uber on Fortune’s “Unicorn List,” a compilation of … Continue reading China’s Start-Up Boom

The Great Firewall’s Silver Lining

DANIEL NATHAN discusses how the Communist Party of China’s online censorship policy has shaped the country’s flourishing tech industry. “Nice to meet you man, hit me up on WeChat or QQ.”  “I bought my new shoes off Taobao!”  “I’m not sure what the answer is… Go plug it into Baidu.”  Do those sentences sound foreign?  To many Americans, in a manner of speaking, they are. Most people in the west … Continue reading The Great Firewall’s Silver Lining