Watch This Space

Kyle Hutzler spends an afternoon at CCTV America. If one were to explore the upper reaches of the cable television universe between the hours of 7 and 9pm Eastern, they might be mistaken for thinking they had stumbled upon a public television broadcast of BBC World News. They would see the same modern, red graphics; an international ensemble of anchors and guests; and a stately … Continue reading Watch This Space

Investing In The States

Hannah Lindquist reports on the flow of Chinese investments among the states All politics is local, goes a popular American saying, but when it comes to Chinese investment in the United States, it is almost always national. The latest update to the China Investment Monitor by the Rhodium Group, a New York-based advisory firm, offers a unique look at the steady march of Chinese investment … Continue reading Investing In The States

The Chinese Artist Abroad

Savannah O’Leary on Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang The introduction of contemporary Chinese art into the Western art world in the 1990s brought with it controversial questions surrounding the concept of the Diaspora artist. The Chinese artist living abroad occupies a space in which influences from Chinese traditions confront contemporary experiences in a totally different cultural context. The role of the Diaspora artist, therefore, becomes confusing. … Continue reading The Chinese Artist Abroad

Old Money

Virginia Hawkins explores the rise of the Chinese nursing home industry  China’s aging population is among the most urgent problems plaguing policymakers in Beijing. For property developers, however, it is an enormous opportunity for those who see potential in bringing nursing homes to China. Nursing homes are not yet commonplace in China, since they are seen as incongruent with Confucian culture, which carries a strong … Continue reading Old Money

Between Chinatown and SoHo

Jennifer Lu visits the Museum of Chinese in America The Museum of Chinese in America faces Chinatown from the front, and Soho from the back. Designed by Maya Lin ‘81, ARCH ‘86, ART ‘87, MOCA has all the wood paneling, airy floor to ceiling windows and sans serif font requisite for hipster approval. From the street, it’s clear that MOCA is no Chinese kitchen supply … Continue reading Between Chinatown and SoHo

Growing Cleaner

Ashley Feng on the launch of the Shenzhen carbon emissions exchange This past June, in the southern city of Shenzhen, China took a significant step forward in the effort to combat climate change by launching its first mandatory emissions exchange. Instead of setting a strict cap for emissions, the exchange requires that companies reduce their energy intensity, or the amount of energy needed to produce $1 … Continue reading Growing Cleaner