Write For Us

China Hands Magazine is a generalist magazine focusing on the intersection of US-Chinese relations in politics and diplomacy, economics and finance, and life and culture. We prefer that potential writers first submit a proposal for consideration by our editors. The magazine is also willing to consider previously unpublished material in near-final form.

Articles published on the website generally run from 500-1,500 words while articles published in the print edition run from 1,000-4,000 words. Articles should be written in an intelligent, but not academic, style. All essays should include some element of original reporting, which may include on the ground reporting; an interview with a relevant expert; or an original analysis of data. Writers seeking to contribute opinion pieces should limit them to 750 words. While open to all, the editors especially encourage opinion essays by Chinese nationals and young professionals or graduate students.

Both the print magazine and online editions welcome abridged history essays. Those intended for the former should be written in a popular style.

Analysis Section

Click here for a list of example pitches. These example pitches are for guidance and inspiration. You can submit your own pitches and ideas so long as they relate to US-China relations or Chinese domestic issues with global implications. If you are interested in writing for the Analysis Section this month, please submit an article to chinahandsmagazine@gmail.com. Articles should be between 1,000-1,500 words. Cite sources using hyperlinked text.

Academic Section

We offer students and scholars a platform to share their China-related research with a wide audience. If you are interested in converting existing work into an article, please read the following guidelines. Contributors should have either a completed draft or a working draft of a research paper on which an article can be based. Submit pitches to chinahandsmagazine@gmail.com.

Questions and Queries

Please direct any questions and suggestions to our editor-in-chief, Matt Kirschner, at matt.kirschner@yale.edu.