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Analysis Section

Click here for a list of example pitches. These example pitches are for guidance and inspiration. You can submit your own pitches and ideas so long as they relate to US-China relations or Chinese domestic issues with global implications. If you are interested in writing for the Analysis Section this month, please submit an article to chinahandsmagazine@gmail.com. Articles should be between 1,000-1,500 words. Cite sources using hyperlinked text.

Academic Section

We offer students and scholars a platform to share their China-related research with a wide audience. If you are interested in converting existing work into an article, please read the following guidelines. Contributors should have either a completed draft or a working draft of a research paper on which an article can be based. Submit pitches to chinahandsmagazine@gmail.com.

Questions and Queries

Please direct any questions and suggestions to our editor-in-chief, Aurelia Dochnal, at aurelia.dochnal@yale.edu.