2013 25 Under 25: Leaders in US-China Relations

This magazine was founded with the belief that there is incredible room for exchange of ideas and knowledge between the future leaders of America and China. In this inaugural 25 Under 25 feature, we aim to highlight students and young working professionals who have worked to further mutual understanding between these two countries. As they continue building bridges between the two countries – whether in … Continue reading 2013 25 Under 25: Leaders in US-China Relations

A Maze and a Map

Xiaoyu Xia and Sophia Ng reflect on contemporary Chinese literature. It was only a year ago that many Western readers for the first time cast a serious gaze eastward when Chinese writer Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. For many Chinese, the prospect that their country’s modern literary works would be internationally recognized was almost inconceivable – in fact, PhD dissertation topics were regularly … Continue reading A Maze and a Map