Engines of Change

Xiaoying Zhou reports on female entrepreneurs in China In April 2012, Tiantian Ma and her partner finally moved to Shanghai to open up China’s first cold-pressed juice and natural food cleanse company, VCLEANSE. In less than two years, VCLEANSE has consolidated its supply chain, received funding from angel investors, and opened its second physical store in Beijing. On Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, VCLEANSE has attracted … Continue reading Engines of Change

Created in China

Christian Rhally reports on the progress of Chinese intellectual property rights China’s leadership have long made clear its desire to transform China’s economy away from being the world’s workshop to instead the world’s leading innovator. Consequently, patent applications have been surging over the past decade. In 2013, invention patents jumped 26.3% over the previous year to 825,000. “We don’t just want made in China, but … Continue reading Created in China

Trading Up

Jean Young Koo reports on the Free Trade Agreement between China and South Korea It seems that the world’s fastest growing major economy and an Asian Tiger will together evolve into the biggest trading bloc in East Asia. The Free Trade Agreement between China and South Korea, initially proposed in 2012 and discussed by the two nations at summits in Seoul and Beijing, holds much … Continue reading Trading Up

China’s Perfect Game

James Badas on China’s baseball scene. The perfect game is one of the most improbable feats in baseball, let alone all of sports. 204,931 games have been completed in Major League Baseball dating back to 1876. Over this period, only 23 perfect games have been tossed. With the 2014 season underway, the MLB is seeking to accomplish a feat even rarer than a perfect game … Continue reading China’s Perfect Game

Playing from the Heart

MICHELLE PETERS on the Western classical music scene in China. In recent years, there has been a revival in interest in classical music in China that is aiming to shake China’s traditional emphasis on technical superiority and instead emphasize emotion. Chu Yi-bing, a world-renowned cellist who founded the China Cello Philharmonic, an all-cello chamber ensemble, recalled that as early as eleven that his music, however technically … Continue reading Playing from the Heart

Mixed Prognosis

Benjamin Shobert, founder of Rubicon Strategy Group, writes on healthcare FDI in China Every year across China over 10,000 doctors are assaulted either by a patient they are caring for, or a family member responsible for the healthcare of a loved one. These eruptions reflect a simple and unfortunate reality:  as China modernized its economy, the country overlooked basic investments in public healthcare. As a … Continue reading Mixed Prognosis