Where Will Ebola First Appear in China?

DENNIS WANG examines China’s readiness for a first case of Ebola, its impact and implications. Last Sunday marked another first in the ongoing Ebola epidemic: the first case of transmission in the United States. Health officials assured the public that a second case was not surprising. Another upcoming first that will not be surprising: the first case of Ebola in China. The first case China is … Continue reading Where Will Ebola First Appear in China?

The Art of Storytelling

illustrates her experiences with pingshu. My introduction to pingshu, traditional Chinese storytelling, was Yuan Kuo Cheng’s “Journey to the West,” a classical Chinese novel popular among all ages. Since then, pingshu has become a significant part of my bedtime story. I fall asleep imagining the Handsome Monkey King angering all the gods and fighting against the deities, swinging his 17,550-pound golden rod from heaven to hell, and using his … Continue reading The Art of Storytelling