Fintech Disrupted

DYMPLES LEONG explores how people’s use of fintech changes during times of unrest in China. The push towards a cashless society by governments and the private sector has led to a rapid global development of the financial technology (fintech) industry. Countries in Asia are increasing their adoption of fintech to meet the challenges of a globalized digital economy, such as access to underbanked individuals and … Continue reading Fintech Disrupted

Comparative Analysis of Factory Girls and Korean Workers

ZHEYAN NI reviews Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China and Korean Workers: The Culture and Politics of Class Formation. An inquiry has been occupying my mind for a long time: are journalists or scholars the better story tellers of a society? Contrasting the two books in this review helps us understand their differences in approach and effect. Leslie Chang, the wife of famous China … Continue reading Comparative Analysis of Factory Girls and Korean Workers