• Old Money

    Virginia Hawkins explores the rise of the Chinese nursing home industry  China’s aging population is among the most urgent problems plaguing policymakers in Beijing. For property developers, however, it is an enormous opportunity for those who see…

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  • Between Chinatown and SoHo

    Between Chinatown and SoHo

    Jennifer Lu visits the Museum of Chinese in America The Museum of Chinese in America faces Chinatown from the front, and Soho from the back. Designed by Maya Lin ‘81, ARCH ‘86, ART ‘87, MOCA has all…

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  • Growing Cleaner

    Ashley Feng on the launch of the Shenzhen carbon emissions exchange This past June, in the southern city of Shenzhen, China took a significant step forward in the effort to combat climate change by launching its first…

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  • Northeast Asia: Interdependence Without Integration

    by Sandy Jin With the recent change in leaderships in China, Japan, and South Korea, questions have been raised about the opportunities and challenges facing the tripartite powers in an era of conflict and cooperation. Despite territorial…

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  • The Role of Foreign Banks in Consumer Led China: The Need for Increased Competition

    By Manuel Martinez During China’s Reforming and Opening-up efforts to gradually transform its economy into a quasi market economy, its financial system has been subject to constant modifications. China has set the ground rules to develop its…

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  • The Art of Adaptation

    By Sihan Chen Doing business in China has never been an easy task for American companies. Despite the tremendous growth of the Chinese economy during the past few decades and the fact that China’s GDP is already…

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