Chinese Cross-border M&A: Motivations and Reactions

After a record-setting 2016, Chinese outbound M&A slowed considerably in 2017. The world experienced a colossal -31% year-on-year decline in Chinese outbound investment. Fittingly, the most significant announced deal of the year— the $1.2bn acquisition of Moneygram by Ant Financial — was blocked by the US government in January of 2018 after failing to close in 2017, capping off an already disappointing year. A new … Continue reading Chinese Cross-border M&A: Motivations and Reactions

The Clash of E-commerce Titans

Accompanying the rapid rise of online shopping around the world, the leading e-commerce companies have thoroughly implemented their services in many developed countries. Now, these global giants have turned their focus toward the newest competitive market: Southeast Asia, a region ripe for expansion due to its rapid development and the explosion of mobile device users. But not only is the time fitting, these countries also … Continue reading The Clash of E-commerce Titans

Trade Skirmishes, Not War

With China’s reticence to support oil embargoes against North Korea, public attention has coalesced around a pivotal question: Will the Trump administration initiate a trade war against China? In his speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in November, President Trump stated “The United States will no longer turn a blind eye to violations, cheating or economic aggression. Those days are over.” The stakes are … Continue reading Trade Skirmishes, Not War

Bike Sharing with Chinese Characteristics: Possibilities for International Expansion

Walking through the streets of major Chinese cities, one cannot miss the throngs of identical bikes all over roads and sidewalks. Any passerby will without a doubt see names like Mobike, Ofo, Xiaoming, and at least a dozen more speeding through bike lanes and parked on sidewalks all over China. Over the past year, these companies have collectively come together to form a new phrase … Continue reading Bike Sharing with Chinese Characteristics: Possibilities for International Expansion

China’s IPO market

In 2016, growth in the global IPO market declined significantly from its pace in 2015. While the number of IPOs dropped in Asia as well, the decrease in growth in the Asian market was not nearly as severe. According to figures from KPMG, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) was the second largest IPO market in terms of funds raised in 2016, behind the Hong Kong … Continue reading China’s IPO market

Constructing Corruption—Institutional Failure in China’s Urbanization Strategy

   Starting in 2017, a new school district housing (xuequfang) frenzy began to sweep China’s developed cities. School-district housing is 2017’s buzzword among the urbanized middle-class families with school-aged children. The phenomenon is responsible for pushing up real estate prices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and other first-tier mainland cities. The school district system, instituted by the Ministry of Education, stipulates that all students in nineteen … Continue reading Constructing Corruption—Institutional Failure in China’s Urbanization Strategy

China’s Start-Up Boom

LUWEI XIONG explains the start-up craze that has taken root in China’s internet services industry. Today, Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics company, launched its newest smartphone model, Mi Note 2. Founded six years ago in Beijing, Xiaomi now sits atop the Chinese cell phone market, competing with global companies like Apple and Samsung. Moreover, Xiaomi ranks number two after Uber on Fortune’s “Unicorn List,” a compilation of … Continue reading China’s Start-Up Boom

The Great Firewall’s Silver Lining

DANIEL NATHAN discusses how the Communist Party of China’s online censorship policy has shaped the country’s flourishing tech industry. “Nice to meet you man, hit me up on WeChat or QQ.”  “I bought my new shoes off Taobao!”  “I’m not sure what the answer is… Go plug it into Baidu.”  Do those sentences sound foreign?  To many Americans, in a manner of speaking, they are. Most people in the west … Continue reading The Great Firewall’s Silver Lining