Flying Tigers: U.S. and China

MATT KIRSCHNER reflects on Chinese-American relations from a historical and personal perspective. Liu Zhengde was seven years old when Japanese soldiers invaded his home in Wuhan, China in 1938. Leaving their belongings behind, Zhengde and his family fled Wuhan for Chongqing—the provisional wartime capital of China. Zhengde’s father worked to support his three children, wife, sister, brother, sister-in-law, mother, and aunt. Together they lived in … Continue reading Flying Tigers: U.S. and China

Yes, China Has Philanthropy and It’s Growing

MATT KIRSCHNER discusses the history and development of philanthropy in China. Philanthropy is not new to China. Fan Li (范蠡) served as an advisor to King Gou Jian (勾践) of the state of Yue during China’s Spring and Autumn period (771 – 476 BC). Generations of Chinese remember Fan Li for his work streamlining administration in the state of Yue, building a formidable army, and … Continue reading Yes, China Has Philanthropy and It’s Growing