Benjamin Jacobs is dedicated to improving US-China relations through both academic research and grassroots exchange. As a student at Wesleyan University, Jacobs received a Davenport Grant to examine Chinese history education through textbooks, museums, and interviews with students and teachers. The questions and conversations that emerged during this fieldwork resulted in an award-winning thesis exploring historical narratives and cultural memory of the People’s Republic of China. Since graduating from Wesleyan, Jacobs has been researching Chinese higher education reforms as a Fulbright Scholar in Wuhan. Collaborating with Chinese students, professors, and administrators at China’s top universities, he submitted a report to the Hubei Provincial Department of Education detailing strategies for improving international exchange. In Wuhan, Jacobs also cooperated extensively with China Endangered Culture Protectors—an organization committed to addressing cultural challenges arising from rapid urbanization. Jacobs intends to continue researching China’s socioeconomic development and aspires to create new spaces of trust for US-China exchange going forward.