Angela Luh’s area of focus is energy and economic development. Her first experience in China was in 2013, when Shanghai reached its highest recorded AQI. The event spurred her interest in energy policies in China. In 2015, Luh graduated from University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where her honors thesis examined Sino-Russian energy trade. At UCSD, she received scholarships to study at Fudan University and Nanjing University and co-founded the International Studies Student Association. She has interned as a China policy researcher at the Center for American Progress and an education consultant at Prestige Only in Shanghai. She was a delegate to the Association of Pacific Rim Universities’ Conference at the Nanjing-Hopkins Center and Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford. Luh is currently a China-Program Associate at the Energy Foundation in San Francisco, where she works on policy strategy and analysis in China’s energy markets.